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Introduction to Free Joomla Templates

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

What are these free Joomla templates? What is their application? When creating web content, it is likely an individual might come across names like Drupal and Joomla. These are open-source CMSes, or content management systems, which help manage web content on a site. A CMS helps create a website’s aesthetics, its function, anything that has to do with a webpage on either a computer or mobile browser. Thus, a CMS enables the sharing of information, editing, retrieval, storage, and overall maintenance of all the data associated with a site. A major advantage of using free templates offered by CMSes is the user-friendly nature. One does not require any sort of technical knowledge of coding or web design in order to use one—just open it up and make your site according to your vision; the CMS will take care of the programming. A CMS can be either commercial or open-source (that is to say, free) like the free Joomla templates. Joomla has gained popularity as a simple, cheap way to make add new content to a website that fits your needs.