Greengeeks Review – What is Greengeeks?

So, what is greengeeks? This greengeeks review will briefly explore who and what greengeeks is. Moreover, what they have to offer to the information technology market.

Greengeeks is a web hosting service provider, providing an affordable way for individuals and small to medium sized businesses to establish a website presence with a shared web server. Greengeeks act as the administrator for the server, undertake the maintenance and management responsibilities of the web server, and rent out server space to people requiring website space. Compared to the set up and maintenance costs of having your own web server, a shared hosting site such as greengeeks requires a minimal financial outlay.

For as little as $4.95 a month, greengeeks can provide the customer with unlimited web space, unlimited broadband width – particularly useful if you require your website to transfer large amounts of video or audio data, unlimited email accounts, a fantastic technical support service and free site builder software to enable you to create a professional a looking website.

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